Magic Fabric

Pet Furniture Throws

$89.00 USD
Size: Small 28" L x 38" W
Color: Parchment
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Experience the Magic: Dive into the transformative world of pet furniture protection with the Magic Fabric Pet Furniture Throws. This isn't just any throw – it’s your home’s best defense against pet-related stains, odors, and wear. Crafted with utmost precision in the USA, our throws are a combination of luxury aesthetics and unmatched protection.

It's More Than Just a Fabric: What makes it magic?

  • Odor Resistant: Say goodbye to unwanted pet smells.
  • Stain Resistant: Spilled wine? No problem! It even passed the wine test.
  • Scratch Resistant: Don't worry about degradation due to scratches, Magic Fabric handles even the toughest of claws.
  • Fungal Resistant: No more worries about black mold.
  • Moisture Mastery: Instead of beading or creating puddles, our fabric wicks moisture in. It locks it in, ensuring nothing penetrates your furniture. When it's time, just wash it out.
  • Consistent Effectiveness: Even after numerous washes, its protective magic doesn't fade.
  • Third-Party Lab Tested: Don’t just take our word for it; its performance is validated by independent labs.

New Fabric; Enzo Ice: Enzo Ice is our newest Material, which is slightly heavier than previous Magic Fabric Products. This stylish fabric, in white with light grey marbling, stands up to the test and keeps your home safe. 

Designed for Every Home: Beyond its protective features, our Magic Fabric is a style statement in itself. Available in a range of chic colors, it's ready to complement any decor, ensuring your home remains as beautiful as ever. Rain in the car or unexpected spills? Our fabric has got you covered.

Lock It In, Wash It Out: Keeping your home pristine has never been this easy. Experience the beautiful harmony of luxury and protection. It’s not just a throw - it’s a lifestyle choice for smart pet owners. Discover the Magic Fabric difference today.