Lock it in. Wash it out.

Patent-Pending Technology

At Magic Fabric, we understand the challenges that come with having kids, pets, and messes in your home. That's why we've developed a revolutionary fabric that makes cleaning up after your mess makers a breeze. Our pet throws locks in pet hair, preventing it from sticking to your furniture or floors.

And when it comes to spills and accidents, our fabric is waterproof without beading, which means liquids are dispersed and wicked away instead of forming unsightly puddles. Plus, cleaning is as simple as running the fabric through a residential laundry cycle. No more complicated cleaning routines or expensive professional services - just easy, hassle-free cleaning that keeps your home looking and feeling great.

Our luxurious, durable, and breathable fabrics are specially designed to keep your living spaces clean and cozy, while also being safe for your pets, your family, and the environment. Thanks to our proprietary patent-pending technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of a soil, stain-resistant, anti-fungal, odor-resistant, and anti-microbial fabric that's also PFAS & carbon-free/ C-zero.

Experience the convenience and practicality of Magic Fabric today, and say hello to a cleaner, happier home!

Don't just take our word for it, see it in action below!